PHOTO OF THE WEEK // Rendille Mother

This weeks PHOTO OF THE WEEK is a little different.  This frame is of a dear friend in northern Kenya.

There’s more to this week’s post however.  I have another dear friend who is moving back to Africa.  She lived in Kenya for a year and a half, has been in the states for a bit preparing for her move to another place to volunteer.  But she needs help getting there.  I’ve seen her work in Africa and can’t speak highly enough for her love and heart for the people of Africa and for her desire to live and work there.

So here’s the deal.  This is her favorite print of mine that I’ve ever taken.  In large part because she knows the lady in this frame very well.  She introduced me to this lady.  So all proceeds from purchases of this print will go directly to my friend and getting her to Africa.  So please buy a print and help my friend get to her new home.  Click here to purchase.

If you would like other ways to help send my friend to Africa you can visit her blog and you can even purchase some of her own prints from her time in kenya here or leave me a comment or email me and I can let you know how you can support her financially.

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Wedding // Jody and Candace

Jody and Candace are two incredible people.  I had the privilege of getting to know and work along side these two this summer in Colorado.  I was super honored that they asked me to capture their day.  Hope you enjoy.



PHOTO OF THE WEEK // Maasai Warriors

Decided to post this series of portraits instead of the typical one frame.  These were taken in Southern Kenya while photographing a maasai wedding.  You can read the story of that week here.  You can find these portraits for purchase here.

WEDDING // Jordan & Brittani Ward

I had a blast shooting this Aledo, Texas wedding. Jordan & Brittani were so fun. I’m glad I was able to be apart of it.  Super thankful for Lindsey Brittain for shooting with me.  Check out her new site while your at it today.


Venue: The Parson’s Table
Videographer: Lynn Films 

PHOTO OF THE WEEK // Lake Fork of The Gunnison River Valley, Colorado

This Valley overlooks Ute Trail Ranch near Lake City, CO.  If you would like to purchase a print you can always do so by visiting the store here.

ute trail ranch on the lake fork of the gunnison river valley, near lake city, CO by lane davis

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Branden Harvey Gorgeous. Great work.

Malcolm Pettigrew On the road up to Big Blue? I have a very similar pic, just not even close to the quality and light… you little professional, you!

lane @Branden: Thank you, sir.

lane @Malcolm: Yes sir. Up the road to Big Blue. Saw this shot several times this summer and finally was able to make it up there at the right time with the right amount of clouds moving. Wish I could have made it there maybe just 5 minutes earlier. But still pleased with the shot. Congrats on being a new dad, sir.