PHOTO OF THE WEEK // Laughter, Northern Ethiopia

This frame was photographed when on assignment for Bright Hope World in Northern Ethiopia. I was working on a story for a elderly and widows feeding and care center. Four days a week I would have lunch with these people as they came to receive lunch and food for dinner that night.

This gentleman was so fun to get to know over my month here. Incredible stories from the things he has seen in his lifetime. ¬†In this photograph, he is attempting to keep from spewing the water he just drank as he begins to laugh. ¬†Apparently, my Amharic isn’t that good and I said something funny.

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**10% of the profit from this print goes directly to the Bright Hope Partnership in Northern Ethiopia

"laughter" photographed by lane a. davis in northern ethiopia

Canon 5D MKII, 50 1.8mm