Akaroa, New Zealand

Hey everyone… I’m taking care of a few last minute things and about to head out the door for a week touring some of the South Island of New Zealand.  Just me, my cameras, ipod, a tent, and  an open road.  I’m looking forward to seeing some of this beautiful country.  I’ve got just under 3 weeks left in this beautiful country finishing up some of the projects I’ve been working on this year.  A lot still needs to be done and sometimes it’s hard for me to take off for a few days with that to-do list still sitting there waiting to be checked off.  But I think it will be a good time for me to process some of the things I’ve seen and experienced this year.  I’m hoping I can find a little internet along the way so I can roll out the next post in the Pack Your Bags series. See you in a week.