Gear.  Our tools of the trade.  They are not the only thing essential to making photographs, but they are however, essential.  You can’t take a photograph w/out a camera or a lens or a memory card/film.  I find I’m constantly being asked questions regarding my gear.  What camera I use.  Lenses.  How I pack for certain trips and assignments. And on and on.

So to make it easier I have loaded a PDF file for anyone to view or download that is pretty much what I would call my master list.  It contains all my camera, computer, trekking, travel equipment.  Do I take all this on every trip… no.  I use this master list to create my packing list for specific trips.  It serves as a checklist for me.  It contains virtually all gear that I still use but it’s stuff that I’ve gathered over the years.

This list is constantly changing as gear changes, wears out, etc.  So I’ll do my best to remember to update a couple times a year.

Along the lines of gear and travel.  Next week I will be launching a new series of posts where I’ve gathered little tips I’ve learned through doing this 9 month long assignment.  I’ll be discussing everything from camera, clothing & backpacking equipment to insurance to tips on communicating back home when your deep in the bush. I’ll also discuss some alternate solutions to expensive pieces of gear.

I hope my gear list as well as the upcoming posts will be helpful for you and your travels.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or shoot me an email.  Thanks.